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Specialised units

Comprehensive urology

We provide comprehensive urological care with a 360º approach. Founded as a monographic urology centre, Fundació Puigvert boasts more than half a century of experience in this specialty and relies on a team of renowned professionals and the most advanced diagnostic and surgical technology. We perform all medical and surgical procedures for urological disorders: from the mildest to the most complex and those requiring greater specialisation. Our expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of urological tumours and congenital genitourinary malformations in both adults and children and adolescents (NNA), as well as the study and treatment of kidney stones and urinary incontinence, two diseases that affect 1 in 20 and 1 in 5 people, respectively. We also monitor more than 1,000 highly complex urological tumours and care for more than 250 paediatric patients with kidney stones due to orphan metabolic or inherited diseases.

Service Director: Dr Joan Palou Redorta

Unidades de Urology

Medical consultations performed / year
Robotic surgeries / year
Urodynamic studies / year
Prostate and bladder treatments / year

Nuestros campos de especialización

La Fundació Puigvert es uno de los centros hospitalarios del mundo occidental con el volumen más alto de actividad asistencial especializada y tiene una de las plataformas tecnológicas propias más amplias e innovadoras.


We provide care with an advanced, integrative and multidisciplinary approach in the study, diagnosis and treatment of male sexual and reproductive health, both for the patient and his partner. Founded in 1970, our trailblazing Andrology Department in Spain and the world offers a unique and genuine approach to this specialty.

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Reproductive medicine

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to using cutting-edge techniques of artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation.

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We provide groundbreaking care of clinical excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of any kidney disorder, including orphan kidney diseases. Apart from being the first Nephrology Department in Spain, which was established in 1955, the Fundació Puigvert was a trailblazing hospital in promoting a living donor kidney transplant programme.

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Servicios Asistenciales Transversales

La Fundació Puigvert dispone de un Servicio de Laboratorio propio, así como servicios de Urgencias 24/7, Anestesiología, Radiodiagnóstico, Enfermería Especializada, Psicología Clínica, Documentación Médica y  Farmacia Hospitalaria, que tienen como misión el soporte a la asistencia integral, efectiva y humana en nuestras áreas de especialización, así como promocionar el desarrollo, el conocimiento científico y la docencia.

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We provide comprehensive urological care with a 360º approach. Founded as an institution that was almost exclusively devoted to urology, we boast more than half a century of experience and have a first-class medical team as well as cutting-edge technology for the diagnosis and treatment of all urogenital disorders.

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Specialised units
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