Fundació Puigvert - Barcelona Centre Privat

Learn about Fundació Puigvert: a highly specialised, single-speciality hospital with over 60 years of history that provides patients from all countries with medical attention

Admission of patients

After receiving a request, we contact the person to obtain the necessary information and inform them of the possible treatments of their health problem. If the person knows which specialist they want to perform the treatment, they can tell us. Otherwise, we assess the specific case with a multidisciplinary team to take a decision. If the person’s residence is far from our hospital, they may opt for the first visit being done online, which avoids having to make a second trip, and come directly for the procedure, after having accepted the estimated price, with the entire process programmed and planned.

First visit at our hospital

The reception area, examination rooms and spacious waiting room for those who visit Fundació Puigvert - Barcelona Centre Privat are located in a dedicated area in the basement of our hospital. The admissions service offers all the indications guests will need to get around during their stay, and, from that moment onwards, we guarantee the confidentiality of their data.

Medical and logistic accompaniment

We offer medical and logistic accompaniment throughout the hospital stay to ensure that all the steps of the process are completed as planned. We also offer an ambulance service and we provide transport in taxi in the event that tests must be performed in another healthcare centre.

Hospitalisation and hospital stay

The installations of Fundació Puigvert - Barcelona Centre Privat are spacious and comfortable, meeting the needs of patients and their families or those accompanying them. The hospitalisation floor (fourth floor) also has common areas.

Private rooms

The rooms of Fundació Puigvert - Barcelona Centre Privat are designed for a single patient. They feature independent areas for patients and for those accompanying them in order to facilitate rest, privacy and autonomy. We have five suites and nine standard rooms. Each room is furnished with a sofa bed for the party accompanying the patient, a telephone, an in-house WiFi network and a television (4K smart TV with 43” screen, with DTT, international channels, football, films and à-la-carte series).

Rest and security

The beds in the rooms of Fundació Puigvert - Barcelona Centre Privat are equipped with an easy-to-use electric system that controls movements and a system for alerting the nurses’ station, located at the head of each bed.

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Private and adapted bathroom

All the rooms of Fundació Puigvert - Barcelona Centre Privat feature their own bathrooms with an adapted shower to provide our patients with the greatest comfort, security and intimacy. With high-quality cotton towels that we wash on site.

High-quality diet

Each patient is visited daily for monitoring by a dietician. We have an expert chef with international experience who is wholly dedicated to the patients of Fundació Puigvert. Our à-la-carte meal service is adapted to the needs of each patient (and accompanying party), with breakfast in a display cart on demand. Our room service also offers extra meals on demand in each room.

Highest specialised-care ratio

In Barcelona, our hospital has the highest ratio of specialists in advanced nursing practice per number of hospital beds and per number of advanced nursing practitioners. Our nursing team account for around half of our workforce. Owing to their specialisation and experience in caring for patients, we can guarantee integral care that enhances patients’ security, quality and experience.

Clinical expertise and excellence

Fundació Puigvert has over 60 years of experience in healthcare and research in urology, nephrology, andrology and reproductive medicine. Since we receive the greatest number of patients with urogenital and kidney disorders, our team of professionals are highly specialised and have lengthy experience in the diagnosis and treatment of such disorders, even in the rarest of them. Every year, we process over 100,000 medical examinations and we perform over 6,000 operations, nearly 200 of them with robotic surgery, and over 100 kidney transplants.

Single-speciality and supraspecialised hospital

With a workforce of over 700 professionals, we have over 20 specialised units that focus on different techniques and health aspects within our fields of specialisation: robotic surgery, kidney transplants, kidney stones, urinal incontinence, chronic kidney disease and dialysis, fertility conservation, erectile dysfunction, orphan kidney diseases and paediatric urology, among others. We also have our own specialised laboratories and we participate in different types of research projects.

Nationally and internationally acclaimed

Fundació Puigvert has been and remains a pioneer in:

  • Non-invasive surgery, such as laparoscopy, laser technology and robotic surgery with the Da Vinci and Hugo robotic systems.
  • Live donor kidney transplants
  • Assisted reproduction technology
  • Kidney stones (urinary lithiasis)

We are a leading centre in different specialities and treatments in regional, national and European terms. Among other distinctions, we are among the European Prostate Cancer Centres of Excellence (EPCCE). We are a member of over 30 national and international societies in the field of our specialisation. Our motto is: care, research and dissemination of knowledge.


We are a privately owned, nonprofit, university hospital centre. All our surplus is reinvested in improving our care of our patients, technological capacity, research and the ongoing training of our medical and specialised nursing professionals. In this sense, although we have agreements with regional healthcare authorities in Catalonia that authorise us to provide public healthcare services, progress in medicine, improvement of infrastructures and equipment as well as the training of specialists all depend on the contributions and donations we receive from society. If you wish to collaborate, click here.

Patient-oriented approach

In addition to our in-person and remote accompaniment and monitoring of our patients, we organise conferences and workshops for patients and their families to inform them and to make it easier for them to deal with the day-to-day challenges of certain limiting pathologies and dysfunctions. We also prepare and distribute instructive materials that help patients to understand and deal with their illnesses.

Ethics, professionalism and humane treatment

As an institution, our mission is to provide integral, effective and humane care, promoting development and scientific knowledge in our fields of specialisation, with activities related to teaching, training, research, dissemination and health education. We promote the following guidelines for the conduct of our staff:

  • Serve patients and their families with humanity, pertinence, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Enhance your work with professionalism, quality, security and the desire to improve
  • Act with ethical criteria at all levels of the organisation

We disseminate up-to-date information

“New vaccination programme to fight human papillomavirus in males” Fundació Puigvert promotes a vaccination programme for males to fight against the human papillomavirus (HPV) in male children, youth and adults. It includes an andrological examination and the administration in three doses (two doses for subjects under 15 years of age) of an anti-HPV vaccine in male children of at least 12 years of age, youth and adults.” For up-to-date information on our fields of specialisation, please visit our News section.

We disseminate up-to-date information

“New vaccination programme to fight human papillomavirus in males” Fundació Puigvert promotes a vaccination programme for males to fight against the human papillomavirus (HPV) in male children, youth and adults. It includes an andrological examination and the administration in three doses (two doses for subjects under 15 years of age) of an anti-HPV vaccine in male children of at least 12 years of age, youth and adults.” For up-to-date information on our fields of specialisation, please visit our News section.

Fields of supraspecialisation

We provide a wide range of services and are highly specialsaed (supraspecialised) in six areas, responding to specific medical and surgical needs.

Human team


Specialised units




Emergencies /year

High-level specialists

A first-class multidisciplinary team which distributes its time in three areas: care, teaching and research.

Our fields of specialisation

Fundació Puigvert is among the hospitals in the Western world with the greatest volume of specialised healthcare activity, and it has one of the broadest and most innovative in-house technological platforms.


We provide care with an advanced, integrative and multidisciplinary approach in the study, diagnosis and treatment of male sexual and reproductive health, both for the patient and his partner. Founded in 1970, our trailblazing Andrology Department in Spain and the world offers a unique and genuine approach to this specialty.

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Reproductive medicine

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to using cutting-edge techniques of artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation.

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We provide groundbreaking care of clinical excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of any kidney disorder, including orphan kidney diseases. Apart from being the first Nephrology Department in Spain, which was established in 1955, the Fundació Puigvert was a trailblazing hospital in promoting a living donor kidney transplant programme.

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Servicios Asistenciales Transversales

La Fundació Puigvert dispone de un Servicio de Laboratorio propio, así como servicios de Urgencias 24/7, Anestesiología, Radiodiagnóstico, Enfermería Especializada, Psicología Clínica, Documentación Médica y  Farmacia Hospitalaria, que tienen como misión el soporte a la asistencia integral, efectiva y humana en nuestras áreas de especialización, así como promocionar el desarrollo, el conocimiento científico y la docencia.

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We provide comprehensive urological care with a 360º approach. Founded as an institution that was almost exclusively devoted to urology, we boast more than half a century of experience and have a first-class medical team as well as cutting-edge technology for the diagnosis and treatment of all urogenital disorders.

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Frequently asked questions

Our patient attention service answers the most frequently asked questions

Initial visits cost €200 and subsequent visits €110.

The price of surgery will depend on the procedure. Our patient attention service will provide you with an estimated price.

We do not work with mutual insurance companies, but we provide detailed itemisations on request so that you may seek reimbursement from your mutual insurance company.

We try to perform as many procedures as possible during a single visit in order to avoid making patients travel unnecessarily.

No. They are scheduled on the basis of the preferences of the patients and specialists.

Yes. At Fundació Puigvert, we have had a Da Vinci robot since 2005 and a Hugo system since 2022. In both cases, we were the first hospital in Spain to install them and we performed the first surgical procedures with them in Spain.

Our highly specialised surgical team are trained in the use of the Da Vinci robot and the Hugo system. The surgical technique or tool that we use will depend on the patient’s pathology.

Yes, we offer a specific service for second medical opinions.

Yes. In fact, it is advisable to submit all preceding diagnoses.

Address and accessibility

Bus stops: 19, 47, 191, 192, V21, V23, H6, H8, N0, N1 and N4 lines.
Underground stations:
L4 Guinardó / Hospital de Sant Pau
L5 Sant Pau / Dos de mayo

C/ Cartagena, 340-350
08025 Barcelona

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