The Fundació

Since 1961, it has been the only privately owned, nonprofit, single-speciality hospital in Spain in the fields of urology, andrology, nephrology and reproductive medicine.


Founded in 1961 by Professor Antoni Puigvert i Gorro, Fundació Puigvert is a single-speciality healthcare institution in the fields of urology, nephrology, andrology and reproductive medicine that operates as a privately owned, nonprofit, university hospital centre.

Our mission is to provide integral, effective, human healthcare based on clinical excellence in our four specialities. At the same time, we promote development and scientific knowledge through activities involving teaching, training, research, dissemination and education for the promotion of health.

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As a renowned hospital, we are service-oriented and work to uphold the reputation of our institution to maintain its leadership.

We also work to make Fundació Puigvert a source of information for the media and a resource for rigorous, accessible and valuable information for those who wish to learn about a pathology, treatment or diagnostic test related to one of our areas of care and knowledge. 

If you are interested in up-to-date information on Fundació Puigvert, visit our Newsroom.  

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We are a nonprofit institution, and all surplus is reinvested in our patients in order to continue improving our medical care, technological capacity, research and ongoing training for our hospital professionals. Progress in medicine and the training of future specialists depend on the contributions and donations we receive from society.

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Fields of supraspecialisation

We have a broad portfolio of services and a high level of specialisation (supra-specialisation) in six areas, which provide a response to specific medical and surgical needs