The Fundació Puigvert opens a cafeteria for patients and their companions


The Fundació Puigvert has set up a cafeteria under the Livingfoodconcept, in order to provide patients, relatives, companions and professionals at our hospital with a culinary proposal focused on people's health and wellbeing.

The management and service of the new space, which is located in the main lobby and can be accessed from Cartagena Street in Barcelona, will be carried out by Aramark, a leading company in the catering industry with a strong presence in the healthcare sector, as they manage the food supply of more than 119 hospitals and 113 nursing homes.

A prime location overlooking the Sant Pau Art Nouveau site

The new facility is part of the Fundació Puigvert's Triangle building and, if it were a space for general public use, it would probably end up being a must-see sight on the Modernist (Art Nouveau) route in Barcelona, as it spans a prime location surrounded by some of the main pavilions of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.

The cafeteria consists of two different spaces: an indoor cafeteria and dining area and a large 240-m² outdoor terrace. The whole area has been redesigned, while leveraging on the original project by architects Alfredo Arribas and Lluís Tejero. However, this project was developed and carried out by architects Josep Lluís Cabré-Verdiell and Bianca Lázaro.

The architectural project aimed to adapt a previously inaccessible space into a living and exchange space. This space has been redesigned by leveraging on the triangle-shaped structure, and

"the least costly and at the same time simplest and most imaginative solutions have been adopted. For instance, to avoid additional air conditioning and heating installations, we devised vertical grilles that are integrated into the interior closing windows connecting to the lobby corridor", the architect explains.

Interior design benefitting health and wellbeing

Aramark has applied its Livingfood model to culinary services, a proposal it has adapted to the healthcare industry based on a cosy decor, a healthy food range and a swift service, whose aim is the wellbeing of patients, companions and professionals. Thanks to its expertise and dining quality, the company specialises in creating environments where professionals and patients can relax and recover.

On the large outdoor terrace, you will find several tables with wide chairs that emulate the organic lines in the Art Nouveau style, as well as a covered space with sofas, where you can relish the views. Inside, there is a counter, tables and a bar facing outwards with sockets for connecting electronic devices.

With regard to the interior design and the use of materials, we have chosen to play mainly with "light, black and white as well as the original materials, i.e. glass, stainless steel and concrete", Josep Lluís Cabré-Verdiell explains, "whereas the furniture embodies a very modern Italian design seeking sleek and simple structures that do not burden the visual concept", he concludes.

Dishes that are cooked on the spot in our kitchen

The new cafeteria, which is designed to cater mainly to patients and their companions, offers a range of salads, sandwiches, juices and coffees, among others, which can be eaten and drunk during the provisional opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during the month of August).

Our executive chef, Gorka Barahona, who boasts 20 years of experience, is an expert in the operational kitchen management in gastronomic and catering restaurants, whereas his culinary philosophy mainly involves using creativity to enhance the quality of the product's raw material.

Furthermore, our kitchen team provides food services to all patients and professionals at the institution as well as catering services for attendees at meetings and courses, where appropriate.

"Our philosophy is to always use healthy, nutritious and balanced ingredients, as well as chinaware, to avoid single-use materials as far as possible. Biodegradable or compostable materials are used for take-away services",

Néstor Torrent, Director of General Services at the Fundació Puigvert, explains.

Tasting Menu samples for hospital events, courses and other happenings

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